December 24 2013.

Jim Skinner writes:

Just to let you know that despite all this bad weather, I have just heard from Norman Baker that he is not minded to ask the Environment Agency to look again at Seaford beach maintenance. He fails, again, to acknowledge the 3000 signature petition, the unsustainability of the staus quo, the increasing instability and hazardous/dangerous make up of the beach and the slowly reducing ability of the beach to both prevent a major flooding event, and as an attractor for visitors to this much loved town.

If anybody is interested, (and all I detect is passive apathy I have sadly to say), take a look at the web site link below regarding predicted sea level rise. This, on top of the very possible effects of climate change, we are now seemingly starting to experience.

Needless to say I remain very happy to meet/discuss this issue with anybody, (I have made a direct offer to Norman), before a tragic event occurs.

Jim Skinner

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