July 5th, 2022.

Leaders of the Liberal Democrats, Green Party and Labour Party in Lewes District have released a joint statement in the wake of the Roe vs Wade decision in the United States reasserting their commitment to protecting access to safe abortion in the UK.

The statement was shared with Lewes’ Conservative MP and Health Minister, Maria Caulfield, but she did not respond to the request to add her name to the statement.

The statement is as follows:

There has been widespread shock and anger at the decision of the US Supreme Court to overturn the landmark Roe vs Wade ruling, and in doing so it has enabled the restriction or removal of the right to safe abortion for millions of Americans.

Here in the UK, the right to safe abortion is protected in law. As political leaders in Lewes District we have come together to make this unequivocal statement that we will oppose any attempts to diminish women's reproductive rights in law, as currently guaranteed by the Abortion Act 1967.

We are clear that all of us are as one on this issue. The right to safe and legal abortion is a human right, where there is no access to legal abortion there are deaths of women. The UK government must stand and support all women in the US and make a clear commitment to free and safe abortion around the world.

We will never give into the complacent ‘it could never happen here’ attitude. It could, but we stand together to ensure that it will not.

Cllr Zoe Nicholson, Leader, Lewes District Green Group

Cllr Christine Robinson, Deputy Leader, Lewes District Labour Group

Cllr James MacCleary, Leader, Lewes District Liberal Democrats, and Parliamentary candidate for Lewes constituency
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