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February 18th, 2020.

Following nearly four years of dedicated work by a team of hard-working Seaford residents, the referendum yesterday supported all of their positive efforts.

The result of the referendum is as follows:

Yes - 5566 (89%)

No - 673 (11%)

Rejected - 23

Turnout 31.8 % (national average for larger towns is about 20%)

So, what does this mean for Seaford?

- Immediately, the amount of Community Infrastructure Levy Funds (CIL) coming from the Newlands site to the Town should increase from approximately £150,000 to £250,000.

- All other new qualifying developments will now pay 25% CIL to the town instead of 15%.

- The nine green spaces listed on the plan receive the highest possible protection. The 52 other open spaces and recreation spaces receive higher protection than they currently have.

- All new housing (that must be accommodated) is on brown field sites, i.e. land that has previously been developed such as the old gas works at Dane Valley.

- Over 100 affordable homes should be built.

- Strict restrictions will exist on new building within the several conservation areas in the town.

For further details, see the plan at