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January 28th, 2020.

The Newhaven Marine Railway Station consultation proposes to officially close the long-time closed and dismantled station to passenger rail services. The track will remain as a siding for berthing trains, as now, but also for new freight train access to Newhaven Port where a new dock and freight handling facility is due to open.

Newhaven Port plans to improve the facilities for passengers at the current ferry terminal (adjacent to Newhaven Town station) and for freight at a site beyond the existing Newhaven Marine platform. The track would remain electrified and available for use as a berthing siding/turnback for 8-car passenger trains, as now, as well as being the reception siding for a new freight facility beyond the 8-car mark. With the regeneration of the Port of Newhaven, and in particular the East Quay, as a strategic hub for industry and freight in East Sussex, the Newhaven Marine station site would change to a rail freight facility. Rail could compete with road freight for the inland distribution of goods and bring potential environmental and decongestion benefits.

A spokesperson for Newhaven Port said: “It is important to note that the Marine Station has been closed for passengers since 2006 and is not to be confused with the Harbour Station that is, and will remain, in full passenger use. It was originally constructed for the old London – Paris boat trains in the heyday of the passenger steamers.

"This closure of Marine Station is purely a bureaucratic move to provide official closure. The majority of residents and commuters will probably not even recognise Marine Station as a train station.

"Freight trains will be able to use the rail sidings into and out of the Port, which is a good, environmentally friendly and socially acceptable way forward to reduce the number of trucks on our roads."

Details of the consultation and how to respond are available HERE