November 6th, 2019.

BAM Nuttall statement:

Newhaven Residents may be aware the construction of the new port access road is progressing well. We are soon to achieve a large project mile stone with the first deliveries of the steel beams for the bridge. These are being fabricated in Darlington and will soon start setting off on their three-day journey to us here in Newhaven.

The largest of the beams is just short of 50m long and with the transport vehicle will be approximately 60m in length. This is equivalent to six London double decker buses.

There are nine beams and these are being delivered in groups of three. Due to their size they are being transported under an Abnormal Load Movement Order and will have a police escort. The time of the movement is dictated to us by the local authorities and written into the Order.

The first beams are due to transit through East Sussex on Wednesday the 13th of November, arriving in Newhaven between 12:00hrs and 14:00hrs. During this time delays are to be expected as the beams manoeuvre through the local road systems.
Residents of Beach Road are especially requested not to park on the road between these hours on the dates below, where the destination is East Quay, to avoid issues with the beams transiting to the port.

Full details of the beam deliveries can be seen in the table below:

For further information on the scheme refer to the following:
Phone: 01651 267007

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