July 15th, 2019.

A fast selling children’s book written by a Seaford author has a lot to thank the town for. Spot the Different by Jerry Lyons has sold 900 copies in its first three weeks of publication after being penned one morning in Baca’s Coffee Bar in Dane Road.

The book tells the tale of a young girl who is scared about not fitting and meets a magical ladybird called Spot who teaches her to embrace her own individuality and that of others.

Jerry, who is a father of one, explained how the book came about. “My daughter Charlotte was six at the time and kept asking me about why people were different. So, I was sat in Baca’s one morning as I usually do, having a coffee when I wrote a little rap down to explain to her about how our differences make life more interesting.

“That rap developed into getting a great illustrator Andy Willard on board to add drawings to it and we got the book published.

“The book’s key messages are that it’s ok to be different, to have friends from different backgrounds and that each child is wonderfully unique.”

The Seaford links don’t stop there, as children from local schools provided the reviews on the back cover of the book.

The book has sold out, aside from a few copies which are still on sale at Baca’s. All good news for The Children’s Literacy Charity which receives £1 from the sale of each book.

Jerry said: “The response locally has been superb. People in Seaford have been really supportive. Newberry Tully estate agents bought 40 books to donate to Seaford’s four primary schools and that has led to other businesses nationally doing the same thing, which is great for everyone.

“To have sold out in just three weeks of the book being published is beyond what I thought was possible.”

Currently, the only place to buy the book is at Baca’s in Dane Road, but Jerry expects a second print run to be available in late August which will be available at

Pictured: Author Jerry Lyons (L) and Nimeir Baca of Baca’s coffee shop where the book was written.
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