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July 8th, 2019.

Newhaven Wellbeing Centre Summerhayes is starting a free bipolar support group this month. The group will be run at Summerhayes - Newhaven Wellbeing Centre - at the top of Marshall Lane, just up the road from the new Fire Station in the centre of Newhaven. It will be run by a recovery worker from the Wellbeing Centre and a peer specialist from the Peer Support Service.

The group is aimed at anybody who has experienced bipolar in some way and feels that they might benefit from having a safe space to discuss all things bipolar. This could include people with the condition themselves, as well as families and friends of those with the condition.

Feeling nervous? You’re welcome to come and meet the team and see the space beforehand.

The Newhaven Wellbeing Centre offers a range of other groups and 1-to-1 support and coaching sessions.

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