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March 14th, 2019.

Steve Saunders writes:

I find it rather frustrating, that the Liberal Democrats have so quickly suspended Councillor Lindsay Freeman, following her anti-Semitic comments on social media.

Whilst I do not in any way support her posts or share her views, I find the hypocrisy of their swift action rather ironic, given their continued support for a prospective District Councillor in the upcoming elections, who their own disciplinary procedure found guilty of bullying and harassment and prevented from standing as a prospective County Councillor at the last elections. That individual remains a party member.

I cannot fathom why some of my ex-colleagues are choosing to run alongside this individual, with the full knowledge of the individual’s history. Several current Lib Dem councillors I know are not re-standing as a direct result of this continued support. I am sure that many are hoping that the allegiance to their party banner, will help ensure their re-election, rather than relying on their record of achievement over the past few years. I am disappointed that they are capitulating to their party’s obstinance and double standards. I could not agree to compromise my standards and continue to support the party.

I wrote last week of my hope that people who want to make a difference are encouraged to come forward to stand for election in their towns and parishes. Party politics on all sides is infested with double standards and hypocrisy at all levels. This is being clearly seen as the Brexit saga plays out in government and we are constantly bombarded with conflicting information by all sides of the political divide. Not only between political parties, but within those parties themselves.

I predict that turnouts in these upcoming elections will be low, as the electorate send out a message of incredulity and dissatisfaction with their elected representatives and party politics. The prospective councillors in May will be the first to feel the results of public perceptions over the Brexit mess. This was, after all, instigated by a lack of clarity from campaigners on all sides and a blatant appeal to peoples’ sense of self-worth and selfishness. The result of the referendum some two and a half years ago was due to the protests of many against the status quo, along with a successful appeal to the naivety of a similar number, of the pros and cons of our membership.

By the time this is read, we will I’m sure, have endured another vote in the House of Commons. No doubt, another resounding collective decision will be taken by MP’s, that we have no idea what to do and how to do it. They will continue to fiddle, whilst the country is beginning to smoulder and burn. It remains to be seen what the public thinks about politics after all this is finished.

Cllr. Steve Saunders (Newhaven Valley)