February 4th, 2019.

The cold white stuff may have taken a break for a while, but it's still pretty chilly out there in the Haven. And despite the various ongoing debates on Green issues - are plastic bags suddenly 'Greener' than paper bags? I don't know! Does anyone REALLY know? - there are still plenty of you still lighting your fires and wood burners with less-than-Green firelighters, that some will claim are made of live nuclear waste.

So, real wood kindling is one answer to the maybe Green-er way to light your fire and there is at least one local, one-man business, recycling old pallets into kindling. And before anyone starts, the pallets were going to be burnt or buried anyway...

So take a minute, or 3 mins 42 seconds, in fact, to view this video profile of Gaz Winder. He recycles the pallets and delivers them throughout the area on his trike. It was produced by our friends at Newhaven Regeneration Group (NRG).

To watch the video at YouTube CLICK HERE.
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