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August 24th, 2018.

Sussex Army Cadet Force fears training activities will have to be restricted if more adult help is not found. Major Mike Potter, Recruiting Officer for Sussex ACF, points out that volunteers can come from all walks of life, and they can get a lot out of it too.

"You do not need to have any previous military experience to become an instructor, as we provide full training," he explains. "In fact, over half our instructors do not come from a military background. This means that anyone who is over 18 and who would enjoy helping young people to learn new skills can apply. And don't forget you will also get training in new skills yourself, as well as a wealth of new experiences. You can even gain recognised qualifications."

As well as the evening training nights, the cadets can take part in activities like rock climbing, mountain biking, archery and abseiling as part of the programme and the instructors can usually have a go as well.

For many adults, volunteering with the ACF can be an excellent way of gaining new skills or developing the talents and knowledge they already have.

Major Potter pointed out the cadet force was not unusual in its need for more help; "Like most youth organisations we are very short on adult volunteers who we need to provide the wonderful opportunities our cadets can enjoy.

"In some areas this is now having a big impact on what we can do and how many cadets can take advantage of activities. We are particularly short of staff at our Newhaven Detachment, so we really do need to recruit new instructors in this area as soon as possible if we are to avoid having to restrict the training we can offer cadets."

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