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July 25th, 2018

The Brett Aggregates planning application for an area near Tide Mills, which has already seen over 1000 objections, a petition with nearly 4000 signatures and a mass beach demonstration was given approval by East Sussex County Council today.

Emily O’Brien, a spokesperson for Community Action Newhaven, said: "The council's analysis of the Brett application and its decision to go ahead is deeply flawed and completely inadequate and we will challenge the decision in court.

“This site is next door to beautiful and fragile Tide Mills and is earmarked for clean and green development, so how can they allow a 60 foot concrete plant to ruin it?

"You don’t get much more dirty or more environmentally damaging. Our County Councillors have let us down yet again. Newhaven is being dumped on yet again.

"People have been calling me all afternoon to say they will not take this decision lying down. We will raise the money to take the County Council to judicial review. There are people here who are prepared to take direct action to halt this devastating scheme.

"We don’t need more trucks on our roads, polluting the air. We don’t need more dirty industry when we were promised clean and green. Shame on you East Sussex County Council.”

The group has today launched its campaign to raise money for a judicial review of this decision.

To visit the Community Action Newhaven Facebook page CLICK HERE.