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July 3rd, 2018.

Newhaven Mayor, Paul Boswell, has expressed his disappointment following yesterday's announcement that UTC@harbourside is to close.

"It’s a real shame that after such a large amount of investment in bringing this abandoned building back to life - and for such an important role in the community - we are now told that ministers have given the green light for the college to close down next year.

"Questions need to be asked of those at the decision-making end of this process. What measures were taken to boost the pupil intake? Was enough done to keep the UTC viable? Could it be ‘saved’ if intake is dramatically increased over the coming months?

"If, as is often the case, the decision to close the UTC down is a ‘done deal’ and we in Newhaven are powerless to prevent it, my hope is that the building can be put to an equally important, alternative use from that point in time."