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April 17th, 2018.

Community Action Newhaven press release:

Campaigners are challenging East Sussex County Council to consult with the community over a ‘secretive and unnecessary’ flyover which they say will undermine Newhaven’s ‘clean, green’ regeneration plans and waste £23 million of taxpayer money.

East Sussex County Council have already caused outrage by bulldozing trees at the popular wildlife spot near Tide Mills nature reserve and Seaford Bay.

Community Action Newhaven has released the first images of the flyover, saying they are images that the council ‘doesn’t want locals to see’. They are asking people to take to social media with the hashtag #CleanGreenNewhaven to raise awareness about the scheme and ‘shame’ the council into consulting with the community.

“We asked local people how they could see £23 million benefiting Newhaven and they have come up with some amazing ideas. It’s time for East Sussex County Council to do the same.” Spokesperson Emily O’Brien said on behalf of the group.

“It is scandalous that at a time when cuts are being made to vital public services, so much money is being spent on an unnecessary flyover. It will damage the environment and our community, but will benefit private companies like Newhaven Port Authority who own much of the land, and Brett Aggregates, whose proposal to build a concrete plant brought 400 protesters out on the beach just last month,” she continued.

Community Action Newhaven say the road was given planning permission to allow for a new ferry Terminal, but that scheme has long been abandoned so the road will instead open up a large stretch of unspoilt Seaford Bay to industrial development. They argue that the road could take an alternative cheaper route which would avoid the need for a flyover whilst still relieving traffic on nearby Beach Road.

Anger is already spilling over in Newhaven about over-industrialisation and residents are openly saying on social media the town is being failed by the County Council and even threatening to withhold council tax.

“The Council say that consultation took place in 1996 so is ‘not required’ - but that’s ridiculous. That’s over twenty years ago. The National Park, which the flyover borders, didn’t exist. The plans for ‘clean green regeneration’ didn’t exist. Some residents weren’t even born. If it’s such a great idea then why are they so afraid to bring this into the open? They need to consult properly on this flyover or they will undoubtedly face public protests.”

There is more information on how to support the campaign on the group's Facebook page at or to join the social media campaign use the hashtag #CleanGreenNewhaven.