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March 30th

*The mail below from reader Steve Floor actually landed in the Haven News inbox on March the 23rd, following the story COUNCILLOR CONDEMNS PLANNING DECISION. Our apologies to Steve for the delayed publication. Our fault for missing it.


After the great turnout at the beach the other week by local people of all political persuasions, it’s such a shame to see Councilor Saunders attempt to play party politics.

I’m saddened to see such opportunism, a sordid attempt to claim the moral high ground.

I recommend watching the webcast of the planning meeting. What you will see is of the two Lib Dems present, only one voted against. Councillor Pat Rodohan abstained !

Please do not try and hijack this.

Steve Floor


I fully endorse everything Cllr. Steve Saunders says.

A disgraceful decision made by people who will never be affected by it.

If there is any justice in this world, one day something similar over which they have no control will destroy their lives.


Jacqueline Marshall