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March 22nd, 2018.

When Captain Silver Crow’s ship, the Mary Ellen, is conjured up to a mysterious island, there is only one way (for the crew) to regain freedom: storytelling.

Three stories must be told, and they have to be ‘most unbelievable yet unequivocally true’. It is a matter of life and death.

Captain Silver Crow chooses the least expected teller, but then nothing is quite as it seems. The beauteous Lady of the Sea, shape shifters and seven leviathans come to life to enthral a mad sheik.

A wise crow once said that ‘A soul who doesn’t like listening to stories is a wasted soul’. However, can one listen to one story too many?

Find out when the Dirty Footprints Theatre presents The Journeys of Captain Silver Crow at The Con Club in Seaford on April the 14th.

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Pictured: Rehearsals for the show