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March 2nd, 2018.

Local civil engineering company Burleys has been giving a helping hand to a new group of volunteers dedicated to looking after and planting trees in Newhaven – and the end result would delight William Wordsworth were he still around!

A team of Burleys stalwarts recently joined the Newhaven Tree Wardens, formed under the auspices of Newhaven Town Council, in planting 1,500 daffodil bulbs on verges near the Valley Ponds Nature Reserve and the town centre.

Karen Rigby-Faux, Burleys’ community liaison officer for Lewes and the South East, said: “We love supporting our local community and can’t wait to see the transformation when they come into flower.

"This particular host of golden daffodils is some way south of the flowers which so delighted the famous poet, but I’m sure if he were still around and visiting the coast in this area he would be as delighted as he was when he discovered the famous blooms on his walk through the Lake District.”