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February 27th, 2018.

The award-winning community transport charity CTLA has reshuffled its trustee board following its recent AGM. Former Peacehaven Mayor and long-standing community stalwart, Helen Livings, stood down as Chair after being involved with CTLA since its creation over fifteen years ago, but remains a Trustee.

Retired Retail Executive and Seaford resident Phil Clarke has taken over the reins as Chairman, with Helen Macaulay as Treasurer and former General Manager Derek Barnett as Vice-Chair.

Phil Clarke said: "I am delighted to be given the opportunity to carry on the excellent work of Helen and all the volunteers and staff at CTLA Community Transport. I have seen first hand the amazing difference the front line charity makes in the Havens local area.

"As the last remaining charity of its kind in the district, I am determined to ensure it's sustainability and to grow with projects that meet the need we identify in the communities we serve.

"I am particularly passionate about the value of volunteers and would like to meet with anyone who has some time to make a difference. We have many opportunities and welcome support for our admin team, fundraising commiteee, passenger assistants, social media gurus and more."

To contact CTLA call 01273 517332, visit or to donate to the charity, go to

Pictured above left Helen Livings, the outgoing Chairman with a flower presentation, and right, Phil Clarke, the incoming Chairman.