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December 6th, 2017.

Community Action Newhaven press release:

As opposition continues to grow to the Brett Aggregates proposal for an aggregates and concrete plant by Newhaven’s remaining accessible beach, popular TV presenter and Vicar of Firle, Peter Owen Jones, has raised the stakes.

In a moving and impassioned letter, he has urged County Councillors to vote against the development, arguing that giving it the green light will amount to “a serious act of deception”.

There has been a swell in opposition to the proposal, with a unanimous decision last week by Newhaven Town Council to reject the development at a packed and lively open meeting. As well as an online petition, hundreds of emails, letters and online objections have already been received by the county council.

Residents have until 22nd December to object in writing or via the East Sussex County Council website HERE, or found via the Community Action Newhaven facebook page

Open letter by Peter Owen Jones:

“The proposed Development at Tide Mills should concern us all because it will impact on our children's future and the future of all who live in Newhaven and all who use the beach. We have all been down this road before with the county council where it seems that the vested interests of business and money take precedence over the quality of our lives, that business and money, trade, are more important than clean air, clean beaches and the quality of life for generations to come.

What is at stake here is the type of future that is being imagined and how this future is being hijacked by a small minority of people giving credence to an outdated and clearly toxic representation of what it is to be human. We need as a species to start using less, to build using the most up to date environmental principles and technologies and to start to take responsibility for the type of world we are leaving behind us.

This means taking decisions on the understanding of the environmental impact that comes with each development. The agreed principles for the development of Tide mills are 'Clean, green and marine.’ It is up to each one of us to hold each councillor accountable to that stated intention. Should they choose to vote in favour of supporting a concrete and aggregates plant at Tide Mills it is clear evidence that they are not honouring the very principles they are advocating. This is a serious act of deception on behalf of the council. As our elected representatives it is a matter of principle that they uphold what they are advocating otherwise they mislead us all. A concrete and aggregates processing plant can in no way be described as ' Clean green and marine.'”

Revd Peter Owen Jones