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November 5th, 2017.

If you visit the jetty at Splash Point this autumn and you will see Seaford’s remarkable Community Bench installation, The Shoal, which has now undergone its second installation phase, meandering further up the pier.

A total of five giant Mackerel benches now glint in the sunshine, marking the completion of the second section of this amazing sculpture. These fantastical fish, swimming towards the sea, are linked together by a stream bench. Get close and you will see hundreds of stainless steel fish swimming on the stream; get closer still and each fish has a touching message of joy, celebration or remembrance.

This extraordinary artwork represents a coming together of the Seaford community. Each fish plaque has been sponsored by individuals and organisations with a love of Seaford. Sponsors who include visitors from around the world, extending all the way to Australia.

The project is entirely self-funded by the purchase of different sizes of fish plaques (Sprat, Sardine and Herring), the romantic Love Fish, hung like bunting around the jetty, and the ultimate Mackerel plaque which sits atop the Mackerel benches.

Keith Blackburn, Director of Seaford Community Partnership, explained: “I am delighted to see the second phase of The Shoal project reaching completion. This was a key project from the consultation carried out by the Community Partnership several years ago, helping to turn the terminal groyne into Seaford Pier. Without the drive of the Town Council this would not have been possible.”
Cllr Linda Wallraven, Mayor of Seaford, added, “The Shoal has been incredibly popular with local residents since Seaford Town Council took over from the Community Partnership who did a great job of creating the Pier Project. The personalised fish on the seat have sold very quickly with just over 100 now remaining for the final section. The quality of the sculpture is stunning thanks to the expert craftsmanship and inspiration of the local artists, Christian Funnell and Gabby Tofts, who have designed and made it.”
There is still the opportunity to be part of The Shoal; any fish sponsored from now on will be placed on the third and final section of the bench to be added in April 2018.

Visit for more information and an application form. Don’t delay as there is only room for just over 100 fish plaques in total.