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November 5th, 2017.

Seaford Town Council has announced that thanks to the local Rotary Club there is now a swing in The Salts Recreation Ground which is suitable for children with learning and physical disabilities.

The Rotary Club of Seaford has a strong commitment to supporting the youth of the town in a number of ways, from running youth competitions and encouraging youngsters to improve their talents, to helping with reading and maths at local schools and giving support to the Rotary Youth Leadership Award scheme and the Safety in Action week. When the organisation was approached about the lack of an accessible swing at The Salts Recreation Ground they were immediately willing to help.

With the assistance of Seaford Town Council, the swing was purchased and installed and can now be found amongst the children’s swings behind the café. It will, without doubt, enhance the lives of the young people who use the facility.

Local resident Maggie Posgate said: “When the lovely new play area at The Salts was opened, I was disappointed to find that there was no swing suitable for disabled children. I asked Seaford Rotary Club if they could help and within a very short space of time they worked with Seaford Town Council to source a suitable swing and pay for its purchase. The Council arranged for it to be installed and for a commemorative plaque to be added.

"Many thanks to Seaford Rotary Club for getting this done so efficiently.”