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October 19th, 2017.

All the fun of the fair – plus all the buzz of science. The Pocket Science Funfair is on tour this October Half Term and it's coming to Newhaven.

On its latest outing, the funfair with a twist celebrates the twentieth anniversary of Harry Potter by dealing out a little magic of its own. And why stop at Potter? There will be special effects from The Lord of the Rings and from Star Wars, plus loads of other scientific treats and tricks: a full fairground’s worth of fun!

Wednesday 25th October – Meeching Hall, Fort Road, Newhaven, BN9 9QQ

10.30am – 4.30pm. £4.00 for ages 7 and up, under 7s free, £14 for a family of four 

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This is a DROP IN EVENT - Arrive at any time, but allow at least an hour (ideally up to two) to make sure you get a chance to see and do everything!

Children must be accompanied by an adult. Buy tickets in advance or just arrive on the day.

There will be magic with electrostatics – the magic that holds everything together. You do it with a wand – not the clunky, Potteresque type, but powerful enough to channel electrostatic forces into some pretty neat tricks. You can pop into your local café to daze and dazzle the baristas, using no more than the straws, cups and napkins on the counter.

You can manipulate another force of nature – gravity – to help your quidditch target practice.

You can shrink down to the size of a hobbit… or further, to the size of a goblin.

You can hear from a Star Wars actor how they made the sound of the storm-troopers’ guns, plus marble runs, spaghetti towers, upside-down goggles, illusions: a full fairground’s worth of fun!