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September 21st, 2017.

Lewes District Council has taken action to streamline the process for recycling at home. Instead of sorting recycling into an assortment of boxes and bags, residents will soon have one wheelie bin for all their paper, cans, plastics, cardboard and glass.

Councillor Paul Franklin, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Waste and Recycling, said: “When my colleagues and I speak to local people about household recycling many bemoan the overly complicated approach we have in Lewes to sorting items.

“With the introduction of one wheelie bin we are sweeping away this extra layer of household admin so people can get on with what’s most important in their daily lives.”

The council will take away the old boxes and bags when they deliver the new wheelie bin to each property.

Councillor Franklin added: “Delivering up to 35,000 wheelie bins can’t be done overnight so we are introducing the new service in stages, starting in East Saltdean, Telscombe and Peacehaven from November. The service will then be introduced across the district in stages between January and July 2018.”

Nothing will change until the new bins are delivered to homes over the coming months, so residents should continue to recycle as they do now. And when the new wheelie bin arrives, weekly refuse and fortnightly recycling days will remain the same.

The council teams will also continue to collect food waste and garden waste as they currently do.

Councillor Andy Smith, Leader of Lewes District Council, said: “We wanted a simpler way of recycling that will be easier for people and mean more is recycled and I believe we now have a system that will achieve those goals. There is lots of information on the council website and we’ll be putting information leaflets through doors in advance of delivering the new bins.”

The latest issue of the council publication, District News, that is being delivered to homes in the district, includes more information about the new recycling roll-out.

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