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August 25th, 2017.

The Base, Seaford’s Band-Rehearsal facility, has been remodelled by a Lottery Grant from the Big Lottery Fund and now it is open for Youth Bands to rehearse.

The former ticket office on the Salts Recreation Ground has been hosting local bands as a rehearsal base for more than five years, but without basic facilities, it couldn’t host young people. Now, with £9,800 of funding by The Big Lottery, it has installed water, drainage, accessible toilet, and has come into the 21st Century.

The Base is already fitted out with a variety of musical kit and acoustic sound-proofing, so bands only have to rock up and plug in. Many adult bands have been doing so, and they have been able to play at gigs on The Salts, on Martello fields at Motorfest and other events, as well as at local clubs and pubs.

With the new facilities installed, including the kitchen, and the Base-organisers being checked out for DBS, the offering to youth groups has now come good. And the good news is there will be no fees, the costs being paid by the Adult Bands using the facility. It is hoped to run drum, guitar and vocal workshops at The Base, and already some music tutors have started to teach there.

So it’s Win! Win now that Seaford Town Council, the owners of The Base, can see it being used by the community. The hard-working Base Committee who lease the building, driven by Lu Rolph and Anthony White, can see their dream come true. Now Adults Bands can rehearse and also provide the means for Seaford’s young musicians to play in a safe and pleasant environment. The Big Lottery can also see the funding bringing community benefit to Seaford.

If you are interested in using The Base, go to the Base Seaford Facebook Page HERE and get in touch. It’s YOUR facility.