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August 21st, 2017.

Jim Skinner reports:

The Friends of Tide Mills completed their August meeting and clear-up yesterday. We are very happy to report that 18 members collected, as last month, a very miserly, (but heartening), four sacks of assorted litter, including ten+ cans and plastic bottles, which are taken for re-cycling by one of our members. Of course, our ultimate aim is zero litter, but nonetheless.....

Considering we are now at the peak of the Summer season, the whole of Tide Mills is looking near its best with some of the vegetated shingle plants still in flower. Several bird species are still to be spotted, so this really is a great time to visit.

Our nesting Ringed Plover signs have now been recovered until next year. At least one pair of these little birds managed at least one chick, which is also very heartening. Many thanks to all who heeded the signs and reduced disturbance in this area. Undoubtedly this does make a difference.

We continue to voice objections and concerns about the ESCC proposal to press ahead with the Port Access road, which will see an erosion of open space, disturbance etc., towards the Newhaven Port end of the site. Although possibly this objection will fail, hopefully, it will be the case that some mitigation will be offered. Our views have been noted and some sympathy shown. At least we have been able to explain the situation on the ground and how important an area Tide Mills is to many people these days, which perhaps was not the case when this road was first muted, many years ago.

Readers may be interested in signing a petition against these proposals for Tide Mills. Please go to

As you will see from the above photograph, we concluded our meeting with our customary annual Summer Picnic, which was, as always very enjoyable and fulfilling!

Our next meeting is scheduled for Sunday the 17th of September - 10.00am till noon.

More members are always very welcome to join our little band. The more we are, the stronger we are in protecting this beautiful and precious open space and keeping it the peaceful haven it undoubtedly is.

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Jim Skinner