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August 11th, 2017.

Seaford Town Council has announced that Phase 1 of the Bönningstedt Beach Huts project has now commenced. This is part of Seaford’s £2.3 million Seafront Development Plan and STC says it is an important marker for the start of a new era for the town.

The Council also says that the whole scheme will be delivered at no cost to local taxpayers and will produce surplus income for years to come, helping to support the Town’s development.

Three of the first twenty beach hut villas are now in place, to be followed by two further huts each week until they are all installed along the eastern elevation of Bönningstedt Parade.

Manufacturing has been to the highest standard possible using high-quality, locally sourced materials. The doors will be in various shades, bringing some welcome colour to the area. A low-level sea defence concrete wall will be constructed later this year to give added protection to the promenade area in front of the beach huts.

Seaford residents voted overwhelmingly in favour of these new beach huts during the consultation on the Seafront Development Plan in March 2017. Seven beach huts have already been sold. Anyone interested in purchasing one should contact Fox & Sons on 01323 899116 or for more information visit

The original beach huts in this area had to be closed several decades ago due to structural issues. They were built into the promenade and had to be filled in with concrete and rubble to stabilise the seafront wall.

Additional facilities to be built in the vicinity of the new huts will eventually include a new café and toilets.

Councillor Alan Latham, Chairman of the Community Services Committee, said; "Eighty-four percent of people who completed the Seafront Development Plan questionnaire wanted to see beach huts reinstated along Bönningstedt Parade.

"I’m thrilled that the Council has been able to turn this into a reality in such a short space of time. The new beach huts will no doubt give a lot of pleasure for years to come." 

These twenty beach huts represent the first of three phases in the development. All of the initial units are to be sold to fund the rest of the Seafront Development Plan. Later phases will include huts that will be available for hire, some of which will be wheelchair friendly.

To keep up to date with developments for Seaford seafront, and the proposed second and third phases of the beach hut installation, visit