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July 17th, 2017.

Jim Skinner reports:

The Friends of Tide Mills completed their July meeting yesterday when 14 members collected a very miserly, but heartening, three sacks of assorted litter; a new low record we think. The whole of Tide Mills is still looking near its best with some of the vegetated shingle plants still close to full bloom and several birds species spotted, so this really is a great time to visit.

Our nesting Ringed Plover signs are still in place, so please continue to reduce disturbance of the signed area as much as possible. These little birds are still active, so hopefully we will witness another successful breeding year. Obviously the less the disturbance, the more chance they will succeed. We will be recovering these signs at our August meeting, and many thanks to all who do take care in this area.

The Friends of Tide Mills continue to voice objections and concerns about the ESCC proposal to press ahead with the Port Access road which will see an erosion of open space, disturbance etc. towards the Newhaven Port end of the site. Although, possibly, this objection will fail, it will be the case that some mitigation will be offered. Our views have been noted and some sympathy shown. At least we have been able to explain the situation on the ground and how important an area Tide Mills is to many people these days, which perhaps was not the case when this road was first muted, many years ago.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Sunday the 20th of August, 10.00am to 12 noon. It will conclude with our annual summer picnic.

More members are always very welcome. The more we are the stronger we are in protecting this beautiful and precious open space and keeping it the peaceful haven it undoubtedly is.

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