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July 14th, 2017.

Ten teenagers from CrossFit Kids Corinthian in Newhaven took part in the British Teen Championships 2017 held last weekend at Reebok CrossFit Connect, located right on the beach in Shoreham Port.

CrossFit is an affiliation of independent gyms around the world, providing a high-intensity fitness programme based on functional movements, incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercise. CrossFit Kids is a strength and conditioning program that is specifically designed for kids and teenagers, emphasising a lifelong love of fitness through consistency of good movement and development of transferable life skills.

The British Teen Championships have been set up and run jointly by CrossFit Corinthian and Reebok CrossFit Connect, to provide a National competition for all the aspiring athletes enjoying CrossFit around the country. The focus of the event is for the kids to have fun, to network with their peers with similar interests and goals. The event this year drew sixty-nine competitors from around England as well as from Northern Ireland and Scotland, and for the first time also accepted entrants from the Czech Republic! The event even drew attention from athletes that are travelling to The CrossFit Games in Wisconsin at the start of August. Reece Mitchell and Murtaza Nadeem have both qualified to represent the UK and it was a great experience for the other athletes to workout alongside them.

There were four different age and experience categories for both boys and girls, and all competitors took part in four different workouts trying to earn a place in their relevant final. The finals were a punishing routine of weighted lunges, box jumps, burpees and thrusters all completed at a blistering pace!

The CrossFit Corinthian Kids Team rewarded their Coach, Emma Dean, by securing one gold, two silver, and one bronze medal! A fantastic return for the hard work that they have been putting in all year round, and especially in recent weeks as the Championships approached. All medallists were generously rewarded by sponsors Dynamic Aptitude, Reebok, LiveSore, Wildbangarang and Foodspring. Despite not making the podium, all teammates from CrossFit Corinthian Kids recorded new personal bests throughout the day.

The British Teen Championships have become the premier competition for teenagers doing CrossFit in and around the UK, and it is expected that next year will see a further increase in entries as the reputation of the event spreads through the increasing number of CrossFit gyms in the UK.

For further information, and more pictures, check out CrossFit Corinthian Kids or British Teen Championships on Facebook.

Image 1.
Aaron Swinden - Silver Medal Boys Scaled Category. Photgrapher: Georgia May James

Image 2. James Godden 13-15yrs Category

Image 3. Regan Poda 13-15yrs cat. Completing a PB in the weightlifting complex at 65kg.

Image 4. James Godden 13-15yrs Cat. With a bodyweight of 42kg, this lift of 57.5kg to overhead was one of the most impressive moments of the day!

Image 5.
Calvin Liu 16-17 Cat. Going for 90kg in the Complex! Keeping cool and calm, but focussed and explosive under pressure, he got it - with perfect form and good technique! Went on to get 100kg.