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July 11th, 2017.

Seaford Town Council's Annual Grants Scheme for 2017 has resulted in 17 local groups being awarded small grants. Small grants are those that amount to under £500; the total awarded for small grants this year has been a generous £4,375.00, all of which are targeted to directly benefit the residents of Seaford and the town itself.

In addition to the small grants were seven large grants (over £500), totalling £18,500. The details of these will be released separately after a formal presentation has been made to the groups by the Mayor of Seaford and Chairman of the Finance Committee.

Cuckmere Haven SOS was awarded a grant of £500 to contribute towards funding the ‘Lapwing Music Festival’. The grant will enable a greater percentage of the ticket sales to be donated to the charity Cuckmere Haven SOS.

Cuckmere Valley Canoe Club was awarded £300 to help increase the number of people participating in paddlesport, particularly amongst young people.

Teddy Treats was awarded £300 to contribute towards publishing a book on bullying.

The Deans Senior Tea Club was awarded £300 to help fund a free weekly tea club in Seaford at the Clinton Centre.

East Blatchington Pond Conservation was awarded £150 to purchase a new tool shed.

Epilepsy Sussex was awarded £250 to assist with costs for replacing worn out equipment and uniforms and funding training for volunteers.

Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Fund was awarded £375 as a contribution towards four Laerdal Compact Suction Unit, which are used to protect patient’s airways.

Mercread Youth Centre was awarded £300 to assist purchasing a badge making machine for use at club sessions.

Seaford Community Partnership was awarded £300 to contribute towards the administration and general running costs of the Partnership.

Seahaven Hard of Hearing Club was awarded £100 for advertising with an aim to reach more people who are hard of hearing and provide guest speakers and transport for club members.

Seaford Kurlers was awarded £200 to assist funding for ongoing repairs and for the replacement of equipment.

Seaford Museum & Heritage Society was awarded £250 to contribute towards display shelving for the museum.

Seaford Netball Club was awarded £200 to contribute towards the training cost of four Level 1 coaches, which is needed to secure the future of the club.

Seaford Silver Band was awarded £400 towards the Band overheads; rent, insurance, instrument repairs and replacements, and new uniforms.

Seaford Stroke & Caring Club Charity Trust was awarded £200 to go towards transport costs.

St James' Trust (Seaford) was awarded £200 to assist funding the Hard of Hearing Battery Replacement and Hearing Aid Repair Service held twice a month.

Willett Charitable Trust was awarded £100 towards the restoration project to grassland on the north-west facing banks of the Bishopstone village green.

Councillor Mark Brown, Chairman of the Finance & General Purposes Committee, said: "This is a wonderful scheme that enables the Council to financially assist local community groups and charities where it can.

"So often the grants these groups receive are vital to their continuation. These services have an immeasurable benefit and impact on the lives of people in Seaford and I am thrilled the Council has been in a position again to award a substantial amount of the overall £23,000 in grants to such great causes."