July 5th, 2017.

Newhaven’s Severn Class lifeboat ‘RNLB David and Elizabeth Acland’ and her volunteer crew were launched at 11:50 am on Sunday to a 10-metre fishing vessel with a fouled propeller.

The crew at this time were already at the station carrying out routine maintenance and cleaning. The anchor line of the fishing vessel had become entangled in her propeller miles south-east of Newhaven.

The lifeboat arrived alongside the casualty with three people on board in less than 20 minutes and a lifeboat crew member was transferred onto the fishing boat. A grappling hook was used to search for the anchor line below the casualty vessel.

The line was freed from the propeller and Newhaven escorted the vessel back to Newhaven under her own power. The crew member was then transferred back to the lifeboat which returned to station.

Newhaven lifeboat was ready for service again at 1:36pm.

Newhaven’s Severn Class lifeboat ‘RNLB David and Elizabeth Acland’ and her volunteer crew were next launched at 4:40 pm on Sunday to reports of a jet skier in difficulty.

The jet skier was spotted by Newhaven’s Coastwatch team and was thought to be in trouble half a mile south of Seaford Head in the choppy conditions.

The lifeboat launched immediately and made full speed to the position given. Wind Cat vessels assisted in a search of the area. The lifeboat commenced a search from Splash Point at Seaford, they soon located the Jet Ski and its rider who were ashore by this time, just to the east of the recent large cliff fall.

The lifeboats daughter inflatable Y boat was made ready on route and three crew put on dry suits. The inflatable Y boat was then launched in the choppy conditions and made its way to the casualty.

The recent large cliff fall aided our inflatable Y boat crew. The large mound of chalk acted like a breakwater, giving the volunteer crew a smoother area of water to get in and recover the jet skier who was uninjured although cold. The casualty was then transferred on to the main lifeboat where he was given a drink and warm clothing.

A lifeboat crew member stayed with the jet ski until the Y boat returned. The jet ski was then recovered and a tow was established with the main lifeboat. One of our crew wearing a dry suit sat on the jet ski to keep it stable whilst under tow. The inflatable Y boat followed behind.

The jet ski was safely towed back to Newhaven Marina where it was passed back to the owner. The Y boat was recovered and the lifeboat returned to station at 6:15pm.

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