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June 22nd, 2017.

Geoff King writes:

In the recently published summer edition of Lewes District Councils DISTRICT NEWS, on page 7, is an article welcoming the creation of the Newhaven Enterprise Zone. The article talks about the regeneration planned for Newhaven and the final paragraph features the new business park under construction at the southern end of Beach Rd. Regeneration within Newhaven is to be welcomed and this new business park is expected to create some 200 new jobs.

The only down side with any regeneration is its impact on the local environment. The new business park will create an additional traffic burden for the residential area of Railway Rd/Beach Rd with additional heavy goods traffic going to and from the business park together with the traffic generated by the work force.

East Sussex County Council are however committed to continue the construction of the Newhaven Port Access Road and to build a road and bridge over the railway and creek using public money at huge taxpayers’ expense for the benefit of a private commercial company, Newhaven Harbour, and are totally ignoring one of the planning objectives for the new road which was to reduce the traffic burden in the residential area of Railway Rd/Beach Rd.

There is a very simple and much cheaper solution but East Sussex County Council seem to rule it out completely.

The Newhaven Port Access Road is already in place as far as the Pargut Roundabout, where the new supermarket was to have been built, but as it turned out, that was yet another ill-informed decision by the planning committee in choosing that particular supermarket company. If East Sussex County Council were to link the already existing southern end of the Newhaven Port Access Road at the Pargut Roundabout to the southern end of Beach Rd, a distance of a couple of hundred metres, then all the additional traffic generated by the business park could use the new Newhaven Port Access Road. The port traffic to and from the harbour could continue to use the existing Beach Rd harbour entrance, as is stated in the recent Newhaven Harbour planning permissions, but use this link from Beach Rd to the Pargut Roundabout and the Newhaven Port Access Road thus relieving the residential area of Railway Rd/Beach Rd of all this traffic.

This solution would not only save a vast amount of public money, it would also save the environment as it would do away with any need for the road and bridge onto Tide Mills, a bridge that would be of the scale of the Newhaven Flyover in order to span both the railway and the creek, thus saving the eastern end of Tide Mills from total devastation.

Sadly however East Sussex County Council seem unwilling to review the plan for a road and bridge on to Tide Mills. A plan that was first formulated some 20 years ago and as such, is out of date and out of touch with modern concerns for the environment.

Geoff King