May 15th, 2017.

Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate Kelly-Marie Blundell reveals that the party Manifesto, to be published on Wednesday, cites plans to sack Southern Rail.

Kelly-Marie Blundell, who has taken up the reins from ex-MP Norman Baker, has led campaigns to help passengers across Lewes constituency.

Over the past year, residents in Lewes, Seaford, Newhaven and Polegate have suffered from reduced timetables, replacement rail buses and strikes impacting train services, leading to some people losing their jobs and even more suffering as a result.

Seaford resident Kelly-Marie Blundell said; “In the Lewes area we have put up with too much for too long. It's time for Southern to go, and the Lib Dems are committed to giving the contract to another company that can make sure the trains are run on time.

“While things have settled somewhat since the strikes ended, people in Plumpton are faced with the last train back from London being the 19:47, and those in Seaford and Newhaven being stuck with replacement buses weekend after weekend.

“I worked with residents locally to oppose plans to scrap the direct train from Seaford to London and handed over 3,000 signatures to the Prime Minister in December, calling for Southern Rail to be sacked.

“This election is the chance for those of us who are blighted by Southern Rail problems to put an end to their contract and the ongoing problems by voting Lib Dem in Lewes.”

Norman Baker said; “I am delighted that Kelly-Marie Blundell has continued to champion the needs of rail passengers as I did when I was the MP, leading the Save Seaford Trains campaign and fighting on behalf of thousands of people in Lewes, Newhaven, Polegate and Seaford who have suffered as a result of Southern Rail's continued disruption.

“Like me, Kelly-Marie is committed to representing local residents properly, making sure their voices are heard and the continual disruption comes to an end.

“It is time once again for local people to have an effective voice in Parliament, which, sadly, we have not had for the last two years.”
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