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May 9th, 2017.

Newhaven is hosting Round 2 of the Offshore Circuit Racing Drivers Association, Aqua Adrenaline Tour of 2017, with powerboat competitions taking place in Seaford Bay on the weekend of the 10th and 11th of June, where in excess of 32 boats are expected to compete in the ORCDA powerboat championships.

Superfast powerboats will be seen launching into the river in Newhaven before setting off for the bay and putting on an exciting display of high-octane racing.

Offshore Circuit Racing (OCR) is a recognised offshore powerboat category. The sport combines the seamanship of offshore powerboat racing with the multi-lap infighting of inshore circuit racing.

OCR is often said to be “To the world of offshore powerboat racing what saloon car racing is to motorsport”. The events run from April to October throughout the UK each year, and the sport is rising in popularity.

This sport is one of the most action packed adrenaline filled motorsports. Although the course shape is the same on each lap, the sea conditions can change on every lap making each lap very different. This gives the team a challenge taking their race lines to keep their race boat at the optimum speed.

There are three classes within: OCRDA Class 3 which is boats up to 150 HP; Class 2 up to 200hp; and Class 1 over 200hp, and the boats are capable of speeds between 65 – 90 mph. Each team has a driver and a navigator. The driver drives the boat to the conditions and their ability; while the navigator directs them around the course maintaining a 360 degree look around the boat so that they can relay to the driver where other boats are.

Over the years this has proven to be a very affective way in keeping all the boats on a level playing field and giving the competitors a real battle for the lead of their class.

Safety is one of the most important aspects of OCRDA. All competitors have to fulfil a tough training course over two days and demonstrate to the OCRDA trainers that they have skills to compete safely. In addition, all trainees have to complete a written test to show they have a good understanding of the rules.

While OCRDA events take place on and off of the water there is a highly skilled and trained safety team working hard in the background. We also have many officials who are volunteers and give up their time to keep racers safe on and off the water and at the same time also ensuring that the public stay safe. If you would like to become a member of the team contact OCRDA.

This sport is affordable fun for all. It is not cheque book racing as many other forms of motor sport; it is in the reach of most. Teams travel from all over the country, even from as far as Northern Scotland and Southern Ireland to come and compete in the UK’s Largest Offshore Powerboat Series.

Have a family day out and watch the petrol filled extreme powerboat race series known as OCRDA WHERE THE ACTION IS.

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