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May 2nd, 2017.

Seaford Town Council’s Planning and Highways Committee held a special public meeting at The View at Seaford Head on Thursday the 6th of April to consider its response to Lewes District Council on the revised plans for the proposed residential development at the former Newlands School site.

The meeting was intended as an opportunity for residents to give their views on the proposals directly to the Committee members. 75 members of the public attended the meeting and many of them spoke, expressing their concerns. These related mainly to traffic issues, the lack of health facilities and the harmful effect on the character of the area of accommodating 183 new dwellings on the existing green space.

There was also discussion on the objection from Sport England. This was based on the fact that the sports pitch included in the revised plans did not compensate the Town for the existing sports facilities which would be lost to the development, including the sports hall, swimming pool and other sports pitches.

After hearing from the residents, the Committee discussed the proposals and resolved to continue the Town Council’s objection to the development. The members fully supported Sport England’s objection and sought an assurance from the District Council that, if it was minded to approve the proposals, the new sports pitch should be a 4G artificial pitch with floodlighting to allow for the maximum level of public use.

Members also objected to the high density of the proposed development and the likely level of traffic generation suggesting that a reduction to around 140 dwellings with additional public green space provided in the north of the site would be more acceptable.

These comments have been forwarded to the District Council. The Town Council has also requested that the application should be determined at a special meeting of the District Council’s Planning Applications Committee to be held in Seaford, rather than County Hall Lewes. This request has been agreed by the District Council but the meeting will not take place until after the General Election on the 8th of June.

Full details on the application can be found on the District Council’s website at under application LW/16/0800.