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February 9th, 2017.

In 1987 the Great Storm carried away nine million trees throughout the South East. Seaford lost its fair share and the town's German Twin Town of just three years, Bönningstedt, came to the rescue. A town known for its own tree nurseries, it could not send trees to Seaford. So it sent funding for saplings to be purchased, planted and watered.

About 110 trees were planted in 1989, some along Alfriston Road and on the Chyngton Estate. There was also an oak tree planted in Seaford Head School's grounds in Arundel Road. To commemorate this act of generosity a memorial stone was laid in the Crouch Gardens.

Recently Twinning Committee Members Liz Riley and Peter White have been busy with soap and brushes cleaning up the inscription on this little-known tablet.

The Twinning Association continues to meet regularly. The next event, free to members and welcoming visitors for a £2 donation, is the Plauschgruppe. This is an informal Conversation Meeting, for anyone who enjoys a chat in German.

The February Plauschgruppe is held from 7.00p.m. in The Old Plough pub next Monday, the 13th of February. Everyone is welcome.