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February 8th, 2017.

Newhaven Town Council as set its precept for 2017-18. The precept is the amount of money that the town council will charge residents living in Newhaven to pay for the services it provides for the year. A precept of £495,000 was agreed.

Funding for Newhaven Town Council only makes up one part of local residents’ council tax bills – the total bill includes funding for East Sussex County Council and Lewes District Council as well as for the Police and Fire Services. The Newhaven Town Council part of the bill will increase by a total of £14.20 for the year for a Band D Council Tax payer, which means 27p per week.

Newhaven Town Council is in the process of taking on the ownership and management of a large number of open spaces in the town which have been owned by Lewes District Council up until now. As well as safeguarding these areas for local people, the town council intends to make improvements to them. For example, a new play area is planned for Lewes Road Recreation Ground and the town council is also saving towards the future provision of new changing rooms at East Side Recreation Ground.

As the ownership of open spaces passes to Newhaven Town Council, Lewes District Council will cease to charge Newhaven residents for their upkeep through their part of the council tax bill.

Newhaven’s Town Mayor, Councillor Steve Saunders said: “I believe that Newhaven Town Council’s part of council tax bills represents great value for local people. I know how important the town’s open spaces are to local people and am delighted that the town council will be able to safeguard them and look after them for future generations.”