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January 25th, 2017.

Do you want to see a reduction in the A259 South Coast Road congestion? A259 traffic queues start to build earlier and earlier in the day and road users can get stuck in traffic anywhere between Brighton Marina and Newhaven in either direction.

There are plenty of new planning applications coming in for housing along this stretch of road with no increased infrastructure planned. The High Street in Rottingdean is a designated Air Quality Management Area and recently, the central roads in Newhaven have also been designated as an Air Quality Management Area. This stretch of the A259 South Coast Road covers two local Councils, B&HCC and ESCC, the boundary being in the middle of Saltdean.

What is the plan?

Rottingdean-based SAFE is petitioning B&HCC, ESCC and LDC to work with each other to carry out a joint traffic evaluation study as well as an economic impact study of the detrimental effects caused by traffic congestion and to inform local residents what road infrastructure improvements will be required before further housing development takes place.

Sign the Big Petition:

Sign both the B&HCC and the ESCC petitions online to show your support for action to take place. When you register your support you will be able to see the full wording of the petition.

It is important to sign both petitions.

B&HCC petition link: HERE

ESCC petition link: HERE

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