January 25th, 2017.

Most Haven News readers will be aware of the threatened closure of the main Post Office in Newhaven High Street.

Well, did you know there was some form of 'demonstration' held at the Post Office last Saturday? No, neither did we....

This secret demo gave local politicians a chance to tell us just how hard they are trying to save the situation.

English teachers with red pens to hand should be advised that these releases are reproduced as received. And the photographs.....

Maria Caulfield release reads:

Lewes MP supports cross-party working on Newhaven Post Office

On Saturday, the Member of Parliament for Lewes, Maria Caulfield, joined campaigners, including the Mayor of Newhaven, in support of keeping the Crown Post Office in Newhaven open.

The latest development follows a consultation in which the Post Office has asked local businesses within the town if they would consider taking up a franchise for the Post Office within their stores. As of yet, they have not received a response, meaning that the Crown Post Office will remain in place.

Speaking afterwards, the Lewes MP said:
“It was great to see cross-party support for this campaign in Newhaven on Saturday. This is a vital amenity for the town, and as such I have taken part in a number of meetings with representatives from the Post Office.”

“During my most recent meeting it was indicated that the Post Office in Newhaven will retain its Crown status, and I will continue to work to ensure that this remains the case.”

Kelly-Marie Blundell release reads::

Newhaven Lib Dems act to save Post Office

Liberal Democrats in Newhaven have been taking action to prevent the closure of the town Post Office, collecting support from residents and employees in the town.

While Newhaven Town Centre is marked as an Enterprise Zone, the town with ferry links to France has very few shops and the last bank closed in 2014. The Post Office is the only place residents can access bank accounts as well as providing postal services.

Post Office Ltd has outlined how they are looking for a local business to take over the Post Office in Newhaven - most probably as a concession within an existing shop. With no local businesses with sufficient space to take this on, there are concerns that the Post Office will simply be closed and Newhaven residents, yet again, will lose a vital and regularly used service that they depend on.

Councillors, activists and Parliamentary Candidate Kelly-Marie Blundell have collected more than 800 signatures from residents and people who work in the town to prevent the closure of the post office.

A demonstration was held on Saturday 21st January 2017 with Newhaven Town Councillors, representatives from the Post Office Unions, and local campaigners.

Cllr Darren Grover, Leader of Newhaven Town Council and candidate for Newhaven and Bishopstone commented;
“We need to stand up and demand we keep the Post office in Newhaven. We have lost our banks, many of our shops, and without the post office, residents will have nowhere to access their money or send parcels.

“We need investment in the town centre, not the constant threat of closure.”

“I've spoken to so many residents who rely on the Post Office; to bank, to send parcels and as a stationery store, and I'm keen to do all I can to help retain this vital service.

“Union representatives I have spoken to have denounced the cuts to the Royal Mail by the Conservative government which are threatening our Post Offices in this way.

“People need to stand up and demand we do not lose any more services due to Conservative cuts.” said Kelly-Marie Blundell, Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate.

Cllr Sarah Osborne, Plumpton Green councillor and candidate for Ouse Valley West, condemned the proposed closure, stating;

“The villages to the west of Newhaven rely on the Post Office as much as the town does. Collecting signatures on the doorstep has show how many people are outraged by the proposed closure, and how much the Post Office is relied upon.

“The Post Office is not only well-used by local residents, but for many people in Newhaven it is an essential lifeline.”

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