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January 13th, 2017.

After three years of regular running on Sunday mornings, the Newhaven-based Titan Running group passed a new milestone on Boxing Day as they celebrated having raised £2000 for local charity Remember Spencer. The latest payment was passed to Amanda Roberts this week.

Set up under a UK Athletics program, the aim was to increase the number of people taking regular exercise, especially bringing people back to running who may not have taken part for some time. The group have been running at Tidemills, around Bishopstone, Peacehaven, and over Firle Beacon. What started as a ten-week programme has developed into a regular weekly group.

The small donation made each week by the runners has been passed to the local charity ‘=Remember Spencer.

Amanda Roberts from Remember Spencer said: "The regular donations are fantastic. They soon add up and really make a big difference to our small charity.

"The running club has made a big impact on our lives. We all agree that we have fun and, more importantly, get fit, or try to, at the same time."

Local runners, Cliff Dargonne, Paul Roberts and Anna Dilley have been leading the ‘back-to-running’ group for the last three years, and are looking forward to the national scheme being re-launched as ‘RunTogether’ this month.

You can find more details of the Titans group on the RunTogether web-site HERE.

Anyone who fancies returning to running would be welcome to join the group on a Sunday mornings, or look out for the next ten week beginners course which should be starting in February.

For further details contact Cliff on 07802716830 or