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December 14 2016.

December 21st is the shortest day of the year. After that things begin to get brighter. The Travel and Transport Focus Group for Seaford Town's Neighbourhood Plan hopes that will be the case with local transport too.

Their current survey, which ends on the 21st, wants to hear all residents' and businesses' views on what to protect in local travel: road, rail, pedestrian and accessible facilities; and what to improve. That will enable policies to be drawn up to govern future planning applications.

While this has nothing directly to do with the dire conditions on the trains, statements like "Keep two railway stations in operation" can be supported -- or even disagreed with. And at the end of the day the Neighbourhood Plan goes to all voters in a referendum, to endorse or shoot down.

The paper surveys can be found at Seaford Library, Railway Station, and Tourist Centre. They must be returned by the 21st as the boxes will disappear on the 22nd.

Online the survey can be found on the web page of Seaford Town Neighbourhood Plan, alongside details of all the other workings of the Neighbourhood Plan Focus Groups.