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November 21 2016.

Jim Skinner reports:

Despite the weather yesterday morning, and the fact that at the last minute deciding to cancel the meeting, six very intrepid members of our little band still came along and collected some rubbish from Tide Mills.

It is always a great surprise when our members come along under such conditions - Fantastic!

Our next meeting is taking place on Sunday the 18th of December - which is always the third Sunday of the month - from 10 til 12, meeting at the old village beach road waymarker. After this meeting we will be having our Christmas Picnic, to which all our members, including those we don't see so often these days, are warmly invited.

We always welcome new members to our friendly little band, no matter how much time can be spared - the more we are the easier it is to ensure Tide Mills stays cared for and how we all like to see it.

More details are available on our web site at or myself at

Pictured: Tide Mills on a calmer day than yesterday.....