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November 15 2016.

Seaford Town Council Town Clerk James Corrigan writes:

We have received a few distressed calls/ emails from residents re plans STC has to sell of several parcels of land.

This is completely inaccurate to save further wasting of officers time could you please arrange for the removal of this from the site.

STC has not made any decision to sell off this land.

The truth is that a Neighbourhood plan is being developed for the town. This must look at all publicly owned land for housing as well as all parcels submitted by private developers.

If after in depth analysis of all potential sites it is decided to keep a parcel of land in the draft plan , the public then consider this and make a decision as to whether or not it should be included in the final plan.

The neighbourhood plan group who look at this prior to the public are members of the public. This is in no way a political matter as has been portrayed.

James Corrigan
Town Clerk
Seaford Town Council

* Haven News has asked the Lib Dems to comment on the above.