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November 15 2016.

Sam Adeniji writes:

Allow me to response directly to inaccurate claims carried on your website on the 14th of November attributed to Cllr Carolyn Lambert, which claims that residents are angry at proposals to sell off green spaces for housing.

The parcels of land in question were discussed under Agenda 19 of the full council meeting on 20th of October.

There are no proposals to sell for instance the Sunken Gardens , the sites are being offered for consideration as part of the Neighbourhood Plan consultation “Call for Sites” process currently being undertaken by the Neighbourhood plan group, which operates outside of the Town Council. The council as a land owner as to put forward parcels of land for the Neighbourhood plan group to consider.

Offering a land for consideration isn’t a proposal to develop on the land, most sites will of course be discounted as not suitable for housing development and these sites may be allocated as green space by the Neighbourhood plan thus preserving and protecting them if the Neighbourhood plan is adopted.

I would urge concern residents to attend the open meeting organised by the Seaford Neighbourhood plan Steering Group on Wednesday the 30th November from 4.30 to 7.30pm at the Clinton Centre or contact the Neighbourhood plan Group at Alternatively, you can contact me on

Please note that my response is as a concerned resident and an elected councillor. I am not responding on behalf of Seaford Town Council or on behalf of Neighbourhood plan group

Cllr Sam Adeniji