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November 15 2016

Seaford Town Council met on the 3rd of November to discuss the planning application submitted by Jaynic Properties for the construction of 238 dwellings and associated developments at the former Newlands School site.

The Town Council received notification of this application from Lewes District Council on the 30th of September. Due to the scale of the application and the likelihood of a high level of public interest, the normal consultation period was extended to the 18th of November.

The application was publicised by site notice, letters to nearby residents and by the Town Council through Twitter and Facebook. All the plans and documents submitted with the application were made available for inspection by the Town Council from early October and many residents have visited the offices in Church Street to view them.

The Town Council decided to hold a special public meeting at Seaford Baptist Church on Thursday the 3rd of November to give residents an opportunity to address their comments to the members of the Town Council’s Planning & Highways Committee. 55 members of public attended and 20 of them spoke at the meeting.

Following the public debate the Committee considered its response on the application and resolved to object on several grounds. The principle objection was that the scale of the development was simply too large for the area and that the number of proposed dwellings should be reduced to 120.

The other main grounds of objection covered the unacceptable impact on the local highway network, the permanent loss of valuable sports facilities and green space, and the impact on already over-stretched local health facilities and local schools.

Concerns were also expressed at the impact on the capacity of the local sewerage system, the need for more bungalows in the proposed housing mix, and the lack of any assurances that Manor Road North would not be used as an alternative access to the development.

Finally the Committee urged the District Council to include any agreed provision of housing at the Newlands Site in the Local Plan as part of the overall allocation for Seaford rather than as a ‘windfall’ provision.

This response will now be forwarded to Lewes District Council. It will be accompanied by a formal request from the Town Council that, due to the high level of local public interest in the proposals, a special meeting of the District Council’s Planning Applications Committee is held in Seaford to determine the application.

Full details of the application and updates on its progress can be found on the District Council’s online planning portal at