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November 9 2016.

Seaford Community Cinema (SCC) was awarded the 2016 Filmbankmedia Audience Award at the Film Society of the Year Awards in Sheffield earlier this week. The award was open to almost 1000 film societies and community cinemas, throughout the UK, and came with a prize of £1000 for the non-profit organisation.

The quality and diversity of films shown, the professional service, the launch of the screening of National Theatre LIVE performances and above all, the friendliness and welcoming nature of all the volunteers who run the cinema were praised in the winning entry compiled from feedback from SCC audiences. The Thursday and Friday night and Saturday matinee screenings at The Barn Theatre were described as a heart-warming and a much-appreciated community experience.

SCC Volunteer, Cathy Stewart, (pictured), accepted the award from BBC1 presenter Danny Leigh at the event which was hosted by the national Cinema For All organisation.

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