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October 6 2016.

The Seaford Neighbourhood Plan team are making a plea for community-minded individuals to come forward and donate some time to help shape the future of the town. It also aims to ensure that more funds from developers who build houses in the town are retained in the town. This could be upwards of an additional £300,000 for Seaford to spend on local projects.

The Neighbourhood Plan will determine significant issues, including where new housing is to be built, the design and type, the transport needs for the town, the local environment and local green spaces, community facilities and leisure, local economy and tourism, including retail, commercial properties and the town centre.

Volunteers are needed to contribute to the various focus groups.

A Neighbourhood Plan spokesman explained: “We have plenty of people telling us we need a Neighbourhood Plan for the good of the town. We also have plenty of people in the town giving their opinion on various aspects of the town from the comfort of their sofa, usually on Facebook. Now is their chance to do something other than criticise. We have a very dedicated team at present, but we want more people to be involved, to make sure we get this important legal plan for the town right.”

Anyone wishing to get involved can call Faustina Bayo on 01273 407320 or email or

For further information, please visit the Seaford Neighbourhood Plan website at

*The Neighbourhood plan team is currently made up of some Town Councillors, community activists and leaders as well as local residents. The Neighbourhood Plan is being funded by Seaford Town Council.