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October 4 2016.

The winner of the first prize of £500 in Seaford Rotary Club’s Grand Charity Raffle is Michael Osborne who is the identical twin brother of Rotarian Tony Osborne. Tony is the older by 20 minutes.

The draw was made on the 19th of September by Morrisons' store manager Ross Wilson, and based on the names written on the tickets, all the winners appeared to be men.

Further investigation however revealed that the winner of the second and third prizes of £100 and £50 were Mrs Elizabeth Graham-Hyde and Mrs Pat Jeremy respectively.

Between the 6th and 10th of September, Seaford Rotary Club took over a small part of Morrisons store in Seaford to sell tickets for the Grand Charity Raffle. Rotarians also sold tickets at the Boot, Craft and Produce Fairs held on the Martello Fields on the first weekends of August and September.

Rotarians were also encouraged to sell tickets personally to neighbours, relatives and friends.

Michael Osborne had bought the winning ticket one evening when his brother Tony came to dinner and indicated that he had a few tickets left and wondered if Michael would like to purchase them. Michael agreed but said that if he was to win he would give his winnings to his two grandchildren, Nick and Sophie.

When called to be advised that he had won a prize he was not able to locate the ticket immediately and had to search his house before it could be found.

All the prizes were presented to the lucky winners in a ceremony in Morrisons store yesterday.

When asked how he thought his grandchildren would spend the money he hoped that they would put it away to be spent wisely but that expected it to be spent on a good night out. Sophie has just finished university and so the money should be more than welcome.

The overall result was a contribution to the funds to be used by Seaford Rotary Club to support local charities of approximately £1350.