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September 7 2016.

It was a magic day at Driftwood Garden in Bishopstone on Sunday. At the end of the Artwave Open House Festival, garden owner, Geoff Stonebanks had successfully managed to get the monies he has raised for Macmillan Cancer Support over the last five years, to an incredible £40000.

Geoff handed Sarah Coxhill, Macmillan's Fundraising manager in Sussex, a whopping cheque for £8000, being monies raised this year from the Macmillan Coastal Garden Trail he single-handedly organises each year, the grand raffle held each year with artist donated prizes and proceeds from the private visits to Driftwood.

All the monies have gone to the new Macmillan Horizon Centre in Brighton.

Geoff said: "This would simply not be possible without the invaluable support of a core of volunteers who support me at all garden openings.

" I'd like to sincerely thank all those visitors this year who have come to the garden and supported our efforts and given so very generously."

"We'll do it all again in 2017."

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