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September 6 2016.

Local MP Maria Caulfield says that Southern has finally announced that hourly trains will run from the 26th of September and the full timetable will be restored from the 24th of October.

There has been on-going pressure by Maria and the communities affected by the lack of train services since the ‘emergency timetable’ was introduced. Hundreds lined the streets of Seaford to protest in mid-July and protest organisers delivered a 2,000-strong petition to the Department for Transport in late August.

One of the protest organisers, Fiona Lewis, said: “We are absolutely delighted to finally have some positive news. We can only hope that there will not be too many delays or cancellations once the normal timetable is restored. We will never get back the time and money Southern’s poor or non-existent services have cost us, but, at last, we are no longer being singled out. We are walking around with big smiles on our faces.

"We also want to send a message to visitors to come and enjoy our beautiful beaches, iconic countryside and independent shops and cafes.”