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August 19 2016.

Seaford Town Council’s Planning & Highways Committee held an extraordinary meeting yesterday to discuss the planning application submitted, proposing housing development on a site on Chyngton Way in Seaford.

An extraordinary meeting was held at Seaford Baptist Church in order to accommodate the sheer number of members of public that wished to voice their concerns and oppose the proposal for 55 properties on the site. In the true spirit of community, over 145 local residents attended to unite against the proposal.

The Town Councillors heard the objections from the public and having taken considerable time to research the planning application and the proposal, the Committee unanimously objected to the application and this was met by a round of applause from the public.

When considering planning applications, any objections must be supported by material planning considerations. The Committee deemed that an objection must be made on the grounds of being contrary to the Lewes District Local Plan as adopted by the District Council in May 2016, being outside of the Development Plan boundary, being significant overdevelopment of the site, affecting access to the National Park, having a potentially detrimental impact on tourism and access to the iconic Seven Sisters view from South Hill Barn, the impact on local infrastructures such as the already oversubscribed medical care and school services, the loss of strategic views of the National Park and the proposed entrance to the site causing transport issues for the area.

In addition, the Committee requested that a full archaeological and wildlife report be carried out for the site.

The Town Council, as well as several other interested bodies and local interested parties, has submitted its objection to Lewes District Council as the local planning authority.

Lewes District Council will decide the outcome of the planning application itself taking into account the representations made, planning law and local planning policies.

Further details on the proposals can be found on Lewes District Council’s Planning Portal at, searching for planning application LW/16/0460 - Land at Chyngton Way.

Any comments on the application should be submitted to Lewes District Council by 31st August 2016 at the latest. The District Council will then make a decision on whether the application will be considered by a Planning Officer or by its Planning Committee.

If being considered by the Planning Committee, the meeting date will be announced on the Lewes District Council Planning Portal and would be a meeting at which members of the public are welcome to attend.