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July 8 2016.

A number of Haven train users have contacted Haven News with their tales of woe about the current service or lack thereof. Some we can publish - Some we can't.... 

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To reduce our train service to something less than a skeleton is irresponsible.This dispute has been going on far too long and the use of passengers as pawns is unacceptable.

The passenger is being ignored and I have currently no faith in any time scale proposed for the length of the emergency timetable.

It may be that management and Union regard this as a game between themselves. I do not . The provision of an adequate train service to Seaford is absolutely necessary. The Council’s recently adopted core strategy assumes that.

I am pleased our MP Maria Caulfield has called a public meeting at 7.00pm next Thursday 14th July at Seaford Baptist Church. I hope many will attend.

Cllr Tony Nicholson
Councillor ..Lewes DC
Seaford East

Southern Rail Delay Repay Claim Form Flaw
The imbecilic management at Southern Rail, despite their so called enhanced compensation scheme, seem to be ignoring delay repay claims via their website.

A number of our delay replay forms (that  I have submitted) have been acknowledged when filling them in online (via a “Thank you for submitting a Delay Repay claim.” Message), yet no auto reply email has been received (I used to receive these auto-reply emails).  

I have phoned the customer line (twice, calls recorded apparently); the first guy is a complete muppet (disappointing after being on hold for most of my train journey), the second is kind of nice and she understands Southern Rail’s faults; (don’t get her the sack though, please, she was just being human) and it has been stated that if no email has been received, despite the online acknowledgement (in the browser), it will not have been seen or logged.

I believe that this is due to the photographs of my tickets being too large for the form, however, I could be wrong because there is no error message to say that it is. The form is inadequate and therefore doesn't state when it has been rejected, rather, it states that it has indeed been accepted by the message “Thank you for submitting a Delay Repay claim.”.

I wonder how many millions of pounds of delay replay claims have been silently haemorrhaged and forgotten about by such a terrible form and pisspoor error checking.  Showing a “success” message when the submission hasn’t been successful is a very poor show and one might think that it is a cost saving exercise by Southern Rail.  The same as “losing” a big mail sack of paper-based claim forms.   

I would encourage Southern Rail to put some decent error checking on their online claim form.  On top of my phone calls, I have emailed Southern Rail to explain this and did receive an automated reply this time, stating it would take 20 working days to come back to me.  

I was surprised that their terrible service extends to their post-journey aftercare and would encourage the masses to double check to see if their claims have been ignored too.